Review of New Reef Octopus DC Skimmer- 1st of 10 in the USA

The New Reef Octopus DC Pump Skimmer Has Arrived Here At Sea Schor: Our Review

Let’s preface this whole review by stating that we love skimmers here at Sea Schor. Comprar Bragas Calvin Klein We have a few clients that have had some high end skimmers (Bubble King) and we were very excited when we saw that Reef Octopus was releasing an affordable, appealing skimmer with a DC pump. We just happened to have a service client who was looking for a high-end skimmer, but didn’t have too much room in his sump. So we ordered him the Reef Octopus POV DC-1 skimmer from CoralVue. Bikinis Calvin Klein Baratos Price was just around $600.

The Reef Octopus POV DC-1 skimmer has a “professional open volute” which essentially means integrated drain for saving space. This series is definitely a sump saver, as it only has an 8″ x 10″ footprint (roughly). The body of the skimmer is not a basic cylinder, but rather a curved tube resembling an upside down wine glass. Calvin Klein Boxer Baratos Calvin Klein Underwear EspaƱa This curve helps to funnel bubbles into the neck and reduce turbulence. The collection cup measures 7.25″ tall, so not too much room is required to remove it. Overall first impressions of the aesthetics of the skimmer: Its sexy!

The main feature of this skimmer is not it’s looks, but it’s function. And we all know the pump is the heart of the skimmer. This skimmer is the first to have a DC pump included in it. These types of pumps power bubble kings and vortech pumps, they have a lot of power and controllability, while using very little power. In fact, the Waveline 3500 included with the POV DC-1 only uses 24 Watts at full power! That’s nothing! This pump has a custom needle wheel impeller so it really breaks the air up into very fine micro bubbles that have a very high surface area. Reef Octopus took it up another notch by housing the pump inside the bubble plate in the skimmer body. Water is pulled up from beneath the skimmer, saving space.

The last option to be discussed is the controller that comes with the skimmer pump. It is a basic controller, but gives a new level of control to the skimmer. Essentially, you can adjust the pump power in increments of 20%, from 0%-100%. The controller also has a feed mode timer that kills the pump for 15 minutes or so and automatically resumes operation afterwards. Great for amino acid dosing! In our testing, we found the skimmer to work well at 80% power. The controller also forces the pump to follow a pre-programmed “soft start” which reduces wear and tear by not violently starting the pump. We see this all too often on the usual suspects of the needle wheel world (sedra, rio, ecoplus pumps), they simply will not start without a shake and a smash after a year or two.

Upon receiving the skimmer we set it up in a box of salt water to break it in. There are two videos that show how it works out of the box on our YouTube channel or Facebook Page Our YouTube Channel. After a week we took it to the clients tank and installed it. There are two more videos below showing how it performed immediately after install.

The Review

Overall, I was impressed with this skimmer for a variety of reasons. First, it is well made, attractive, small, and well built. Second, it is EXTREMELY quiet, there is no sucking, humming, vibrating, or slurping. Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Hombre Third, it is very low-turbulence. There is a clear gradient of microbubbles that traps waste and brings it to the neck. The skimmer immediately began skimming a nice dry skimmate with very little adjustment. It does however, produce some microbubbles, but I am working on fixing that and will keep you posted. All-in-all, highly recommended if you need a performance skimmer in a tight space.

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