New Coral Frags At Sea Schor: Best in Illinois!

Frags are in the house

rainbow aussie coral frag We made time to grind out over 100 new frags this week. The majority of the frags we made are aussie rainbow acan frags (they are only $25). Other highlights include 3 colors of blastomussas: green center/red skirt, green center/purple skirt, and peach center/green skirt (our fave, all $25). tyree toadstool coral frag at sea schor Also on the list of new frags are a few choice Tyree green polyp/purple base toadstool frags, these are killer frags that grow fast and are great showpieces! Duncan coral frags, green yuma frags, nice war coral frags, and loads of $10 goodies like star polyps, zoa, and discoma mushrooms!

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