We love coral frags here at Sea Schor!

Coral frags, or coral fragments, are living fragments of coral colonies. They are usually mounted on ceramic or cement disks, or “plugs”.

Frags have a slew of benefits: They are small; so they are easily mounted with superglue gel. They are cheap; most frags cost between $5 and $35 dollars. Often you can find a frag of a colony that may cost more than $500 for less than $25.

Our frag selection is constantly growing, and we want to be the number one coral frag supplier in Illinois. On any given day we have between 200 and 400 frags in stock. So stop by soon and turn $100 into 10 different corals!

Here at Sea Schor we have two main frag systems: Our SPS frag system, and our softie and LPS system.

In our SPS frag system you can expect to find a mix of Acropora, Montipora, and assorted SPS frags (bird’s nest, pocillopora, porites, etc..). Our SPS frags are priced from $10-$35, and our ORA frags are a bit more, starting at $45. Here is a quick list of what you can expect to find in our SPS frag selection: Good ol’ fashioned monti cap frags (orange, purple, leng sy, pink-polyp), encrusting monti frags (sunset, rainbow, pokerstar, sand dollar, purple haze, dinosaur egg, superman), branching or digitate monti frags (forest fire, nuclear green), and of course, Acro frags (hawkins echinata, strawberry shortcake, ATL vermiculata, Jason Fox toxic aculeus, few colors of millipora, Red Planet, and Tierra Del Fuego). And naturally we have bunch of unnamed frags that we cut from our 500 Gallon SPS Display Tank and from aqua-cultured SPS colonies that we have found interesting.

In our main coral system we have a few hundred softie and LPS coral frags. Frag prices start at $10 for standard frags and $25 frags for rare/premium frags. You can expect to find the following types of frags in this system: Zoa frags, mushroom frags, xenia frags, kenya tree/colt coral frags, lots of acan frags, blasto frags, candy cane coral frags, all types of euphyllia frags (frogspawn, torch, and hammer corals). We have invested in the best frag saw money can buy, and we use it! In this manner we can provide an endless amount of frags for our faithful customers!

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