Full service aquarium maintenance by Sea Schor can help turn your tank from obligation to effortless enjoyment.

Are you tired of cleaning algae from your tank’s glass? Sick of lifting heavy buckets? Grossed out by your protein skimmer? Let us do the tedious, strenuous, and stinky work for you, so you can enjoy your aquarium Sea Schor services both saltwater and freshwater tanks of any size. We currently have accounts from 8 gallon nano cubes to a massive 1500 gallon reef tank. Whether you have glass or acrylic, we can clean it up for you.   A typical service call includes the following:
  • removal of algae from glass/acrylic viewing panes
  • water change (we prefer 25% or larger)
  • cleaning of filtration (skimmer, micron bags, filter floss)
  • replacement of chemical filtration if needed (carbon, GFO, biopellets, zeolite)
  • removal of dust and salt creep from various surfaces
  • visual inspection of system components

Why should you let Sea Schor service your tank?

To put it simply, not all people who own and enjoy a saltwater aquarium enjoy maintaining it. Not all of our customers come to us with huge problems or poor aquarium set ups. Many of them simply want to have their aquarium stay clean and continue to thrive, but they don’t have the time or interest to do it themselves.

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We’d like to tell you about our experience

Sea Schor has been in business for over 20 years. We are in our third location, and have a thriving retail division with a full storefront. Our maintenance experience is extensive, and built on proven techniques and hard work. We have worked on literally hundreds of different saltwater set ups. As far as aquariums go, we have worked with all sizes from nano cubes, to huge 1500 gallon reef aquariums. We select hardware (lighting, filtration, etc…) that is tested and proven, but also modern.

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