The Radio Station

This Radio Station account is a 65 gallon Red Sea Max 65 gallon aquarium. It has a 3′ 6 ┬ábulb T5 fixture for lighting, and a needlewheel protein skimmer for filtration. 2 powerheads have been added for additional water movement. A chiller was added as a precaution as the office air conditioner is not always on. There is a large amount of evaporation during the winter months, so a tunze osmolator automatic top-off was added to automate this process. One┬ábenefit of the auto top-off unit is that it maintains a constant and consistent water level in the filtration compartment, which helps greatly in maintaining proper skimmer performance. Lastly, carbon, GFO, and chemo-pure are added to lower DOC and PO4 levels.

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