Monthly Archives: December 2012

End of the World Sale

End of the World Sale! It’s The End Of The World, So Let’s Have A Sale! The Mayans predict that our delicate world is going to come to an end sometime tomorrow, on December 21st 2012! Who amongst you wants to leave behind an unfinished reef tank?!? So come to...
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Sea Schor on Facebook!

Check out our Facebook page! Seriously! We have already given away a $750 nano cube setup and a host of other prizes, and will again in the future. As much as we love a nice and shiny website, Facebook is always the best place to find up-to-the-minute information. We also...
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Sea Schor has Frag Fever

We recently acquired the newly released Gryphon Aquasaw, as seen and man is it awesome! There aren’t enough frag plugs around the shop because we have used them all up. There are roughly 200 $10 coral frags in stock right now. The $10 frags are basic corals that have color...
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